Reduce Crime by Hiring a Commercial Security Service for Your Business

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Many crimes that occur on a business’ property are based on opportunity—like shoplifting, robbery, building tagging and physical assaults. And while any type of business can encounter thefts and crimes, some are more popular targets, including banks, retail shops, convenience stores and product warehouses. Luckily for you and your business, hiring a professional security officer to patrol the grounds and perform safety checks can deter a lot of criminals. In fact, having a high level of visible security can cut your risk of criminal activity by more than 50 percent. It’s well worth it to at least talk with a security company about your specific needs.

Here are some of the top benefits of hiring a commercial security service for your business:

  • Security: Safety and security are of the utmost importance—especially when it comes to your patrons. If you are a business owner or commercial property owner who is looking for ways to protect your livelihood and your customers, then security guard services might be for you. The mere presence of a security guard gives clients and their employees and customers peace of mind, as well as a sense of security. More over, your business doesn’t need to be in a high crime area or sell luxury items to take advantage of a security guard service.
  • Crime prevention: Like a residential home with a “beware of dog” sign or visible home security cameras, criminals are more likely to think twice about targeting your business when there’s a security officer present. A well-trained security guard looks for suspicious activity, assesses situations and takes action against security breaches, making them a greater deterrent than a typical security system. Hired guards show criminals you are serious about protecting your business.
  • Handling crime: Depending on their level of training and the company’s policies, a security guard may note details of a crime to relay to the police or physically detain a suspect. Procedures will be in place should a guard need to handle a business crime situation. It’s also your decision to either hire armed or unarmed guards to protect your business—let any commercial security service that you are considering know your preference.
  • Real-time monitoring: Depending on the type of establishment, business security cameras may be partially or completely unmanned, only recording activity inside and outside the business. Unfortunately, this does not help much if a crime is in progress, but the footage can be used as evidence later. The good news is that you can hire a security guard who both actively patrols the premises and is employed to monitor the business’ video surveillance. A professional guard is trained to watch the screens for shoplifters and other trouble inside the business, and to keep an eye out during off hours.

When the time comes to hire a professional commercial security service to patrol your business property, give us a call at American Pride Security Services. Our security guards are properly trained, and they possess the skills necessary to prevent crime and maintain your business’ security. Contact us today!

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