We’re Hiring! Here Are the Essential Qualities We Look for in a Security Guard

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At American Pride Security Services, we’re pleased to report that we’re seeking qualified candidates to help us provide outstanding security guard services in Fort Myers, FL! If you’ve been looking for a position as a security guard, we invite you to submit an application and come and tell us why you’re an ideal fit for the job.

Before you come in for your interview, you should spend some time preparing yourself to answer certain questions that will reveal whether or not you have the qualities we look for in our security guards. Here are just a few examples of some of the types of questions you can expect to get during the interview process.

Q: Have you ever had to deal with an assault? How did you handle that situation, and what would you do differently, if anything?

Ideally, your answer to this question would be something you’ve encountered professionally, though you can share personal experiences as well if you’re comfortable doing so. If you have never experienced an assault, be honest—don’t attempt to make up a story just to impress the interviewer. Instead, you can request they provide you with a hypothetical situation and ask how you’d react.

Q: What are some examples of how you’ve worked in a team setting, ideally in a previous security job?

If you do not have any experience in security jobs, you can talk about team-based problem-solving initiatives you’ve employed in other types of jobs.

Q: What is an example of a situation in which you’ve had to deal with an angry customer or member of the public?

Your answer to this question will provide some insight into your ability to encounter a hostile, angry person without escalating the situation with an emotional response of your own. Security companies want their guards to be able to pacify a hostile crowd member and resolve the situation without physicality if at all possible. This is a question you can answer if you’ve ever worked in any kind of job requiring customer service.

Q: What do you do when you have downtime on your job?

Security guards will often have very little to do if there is no security threat present at the event. Your job is primarily to be available. Your interviewer might ask you this question to gauge whether you’ll become distracted or even get into trouble yourself during these long down periods. You should, therefore, structure your answer in a way that shows you are capable of staying alert even when your services are not immediately needed.

Q: Are you CPR/First Aid/AED certified?

Your answer to this question will be a simple “yes” or “no,” but it’s worth mentioning if you’re currently enrolled in a class or working toward getting certified in any of these areas. These certifications can only help you in a security setting.

For more information about the traits we look for in our security guards, contact American Pride Security Services today and learn more about the openings we have for providers of security guard services in Fort Myers, FL.

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