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For many middle-aged workers, retirement is the ultimate goal. After years of working hard at a career, many people are eager to quit and have time to enjoy themselves. Once they are finally able to retire and kick back, though, they sometimes find that they are bored with sitting around the house all day. Many seniors discover that they actually want to stay active and busy into their later years.

If you are in this situation and bored with lounging around during retirement, perhaps it’s time to consider re-entering the workforce. One often-overlooked but excellent career choice for a retiree is security guard services in Bloomingdale, IL. As a security guard, you have the opportunity to work, stay active and meet new people each day.

American Pride Security Services hires a diverse group of security guards to oversee the safety of a variety of locations, including construction sites, retail stores and residential communities.

Here are a few reasons why becoming an unarmed security officer in Bloomingdale, IL may be a good post-retirement option for you:

  • Keeps you active: Security officers are on their feet a lot, walking around the building and observing potential safety risks. This can help you maintain a healthier and more active lifestyle, which can reduce the risk of diseases and physical ailments that often plague many retirees due to their more sedentary lifestyles.
  • Relatively low risk: Contrary to popular belief, not all security guard jobs are dangerous. There are different kinds of jobs to work, and an unarmed security officer in Bloomingdale, IL is likely to be in charge of access control and observation, which are low-risk jobs that will keep you busy but safe.
  • You’re right for the job: As a retiree, you have years of past experience speaking with colleagues, working in professional environments and navigating tricky situations that have prepared you for a career in security. Security guard services also offer something that’s right for everyone, which makes retirees the right people for the job.
  • Every day is different: A job providing security guard services in Bloomingdale, IL comes with a bit of excitement, which is something many recent retirees crave. Each day will be a little different, with opportunities to meet new people and solve new problems. If you find retirement boring, a job in security can fix that for you!
  • Financial security: Potential health risks and lifestyle changes are two things that scare retirees the most in today’s world. By taking on a job after retirement, you’ll be able to maintain a stable income and worry less about how to make ends meet without giving up the things you love most in your day-to-day life or worrying about how to pay for medical expenses, if they occur.

The diverse team at American Pride Security Services has offered security and protection services for over a decade, from security surveys and consultations to uniformed officers at all types of locations. If you are interested in working as an unarmed security officer in Bloomingdale, IL or would like to learn more about the services we provide, call us today!

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