The Importance of Security and Safety at Festivals, and the Duties of Event Security

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Organized large-scale events and festivals are planned with the safety of attendees and performers, speakers or hosts in mind. Security guard services are regularly used to accomplish this. So, what is the importance of security and safety at festivals? What are the different types of event security? Let’s take a look!

The need for security at festivals

In the past, events like music concerts, sports events, and large annual festivals only seemed to need a few security guards—some watching access points, others to remove problem people. There either wasn’t much security, or security guards were in plain clothes patrolling the crowds. So, why is there so much security at festival events today?

First and foremost, the importance of proper festival security and all around the United States has grown in light of recent criminal attacks and acts of violence. Events with large crowds are bigger targets, and therefore, event organizers should consider hiring more security—and a variety of security personnel—for protection.

Types of festival and event security services

Festival and event security in Fort Myers, FL may be hired to provide a variety of helpful services to keep the event running smoothly, including:

  • Crowd control: Security guards that handle big groups or crowds of people at events are called crowd controllers. These highly trained individuals specialize in directing the flow of foot traffic, should crowds get unruly, and remedying potentially dangerous situations like fights and other aggressive behaviors.
  • Personal bodyguard: Sometimes, only one or a few individuals need guarding. If that is the case, then a bodyguard is your best option for personal protection—especially when out in public or attending special events. This type of security guard will put all their focus on the person they are assigned to protect, ensuring the individual’s safety.
  • Access point security guards: There is typically more than one access point at organized festivals and events. Along with the entrance, there may also be a separate exit and several other access areas, including restrooms, dressing rooms, food prep stations and stage access. The security guards you see guarding these access points, as well as event area barriers, are also known as gatekeepers.
  • Armed guards: You’ll have the option to either hire armed or unarmed security officers, depending on the security guard services company you work with. Most events don’t require officers armed with guns, but this is dependent upon a couple of important factors: whether there is a history of violence in the area where the event or festival is to take place, and the possible threat level. Talk to local law enforcement to get a better idea of what might be most appropriate for your event.
  • Security patrol: If your event is predicted to be rowdy at points, if you’ve invited special guest speakers or if important figures will be attending, you should consider hiring security guards to patrol the crowd, as well as areas near the event location. Security patrol in uniform shows a security presence, but plainclothes officers are also a good way to keep everyone safe.

Are you organizing an upcoming event or festival and seeking to provide extra safety and security measures? Don’t hesitate to contact American Pride Security Services for security guard services!

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  • As you’ve mentioned, there are a few individuals that need some guarding because they’re high-profile individuals. Some CEOs are going to the festival that my boss will host, and he told me that they’ve asked about the security measures of the event since they’re planning to participate and sit on the front row seats of the music program. I think I’ll suggest to my boss that we should hire a security company to make sure that we can accommodate whatever security needs they require.

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