What It Really Means to Be a Security Guard

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Security guards are constantly there. They are protecting you while you attend a big event downtown or deterring shoplifters while you shop at your local mall. Oftentimes, you probably don’t even notice their presence. But have you ever really thought about what a security guard does? Sure, you know the stereotypes, but chances are you don’t realize how vital they are to preventing crime from occurring. They offer reliability and a feeling of security, regardless of whether they are protecting a construction site or a festival.

Read on to learn more about what it really means to be a security guard:

  • General duties: Generally, the most basic duties of a security guard include deterring criminals with their presence, watching out for potential crime, offering precautions to promote safety and responding quickly to unfolding events. But the job entails so much more than the general public might realize. Security guards work both day and night to ensure both safety and security. They must undergo rigorous training to meet the high standards demanded by a security guard company in Bloomingdale, IL. It’s a role that requires vigilance, quick thinking and a keen attention to detail.
  • Benefits: Just having a security guard on site can improve the overall sense of security for both employees and customers. You are creating an environment where everyone knows they are in safe hands. Not only do your employees feel safer, but they will also literally be safer. Crime rates decrease in areas regularly patrolled by security guards because any criminal acts are stopped before they can escalate. It also sends a message to possible criminals that you take protecting your business or construction site seriously. The investment will ultimately pay for itself with an increase in productivity and a decrease in loss from theft and shoplifting.
  • Diverse capabilities: One of the best things about a security guard is that they are prepared to handle a variety of tasks. In addition to their traditional duties, they can also handle a variety of other roles based on the needs of the client. For example, a trained security guard can deliver CPR and first aid services if the situation were to arise. Just having a guard with this knowledge could help save a life. Security guards can also function as customer service ambassadors. This can include managing a front desk or directing a customer to a specific location within the building. They can also serve as an escort for customers and employees, which is invaluable during the nighttime hours when concerns about personal security are common.

So, the next time you see a security guard, remember the hard work, bravery and dedication it takes to keep your environment safe and secure. While the goal of a security guard is often to blend into the scenery rather than call attention to themselves, this doesn’t mean the job doesn’t involve being “on” at all times.

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